Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Kerepot Decky Zulkarnain!!!

7' Rainbow Cake

50 pcs Rainbow Cookies.!!!thanx Asma

2' Sugar Cookies

RM2.50 each

50 pcs Cradle Cookies!!

3' Sugar Cookies with stick

RM3.80 each

Mdm Fy's Baby Shower..Congrats!!soon

3' sugar cookies

RM3.80 each

Hot Air Ballon!!Happy birthday Raiqa.

Im Engaged!!!

Red Velvet Monster Cake!!

Happy Birthday Nisa!!!

Purple Rose Cake!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Aizat's E-day!!!Congrats my dear Brother..

Teal Rose Cake

Ninjago Cookies!!!!!

Red Pink Cake with strawberry!!!

strawberry provide by customer

Happy birthday to Abah!!!!

Choc Cake with Cream Cheese

Butter cupcake with choc Ganache

Khayla is 1 !!!!!!

Celoreng2 Birthday Cake!!..Happy birthday Emi Noorziana!

Happy birthday Anis!!!!

Happy birthday Iman Hareez!!!

Happy birtdahy & Congrats Mak Ani!!!!

Happy 6th Birthday Shania Dalia!!!!!

Rainbow Cake..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cake in Jar!!!

Promo Price RM5.00 each!!!hurry up..

(actual price RM8.00)

Rainbow in Jar

also available Moist Choc Cake - Red Velvet Cake - Buttercake
frosting cream cheese / buttercream